Area Team

There are currently 16 societies in the West Midlands Area. For further details please visit the Societies section.

The West Midlands Area team is here to support local societies. The Area Chairman and her team arrange two area meetings per year where representatives of local societies may air their views and concerns. The Area Trainer arranges training and Information Days for committee members where participants have the opportunity to network with members from other societies. The Area Co-ordinator for Education runs days of special interest designed to complement those of local societies although, until a volunterer is found to fill the post, TAS Wrekin have generously offered to organise a day out in 2018.

Should you need to contact the area team please email

The Arts Society West Midlands Area Team

Area Chairman Carolyn Trevor-Jones
Deputy Area Chairman Vacant
Area Secretary Gerrie Bruce
Area Treasurer Judy Raine
Area Trainer Vacant
Area Co-ordinator for Education Vacant (currently devolved to TAS Wrekin)
Church Recorders Area Representative (CRAR) Julia Pursehouse
Church Trails Area Representatives Sheila Williams & Rosemary Jewel-Clark
Heritage Volunteers Area Representative David Brass
Young Arts Area Representative Edwina McConville
Committee Member (special projects) Margaret Locke
Website Manager Martin Locke