Church Recorders

Church Recorders are volunteer members of of The Arts Society who make records of the contents of our national churches, thereby promoting the recognition and preservation of the rich artistic heritage to be found in places of worship of all religions. Church recording is a fascinating occupation providing those involved with an increasing awareness and understanding of church furnishings, both of their religious use and of their artistic provenance. During their research Recorders will invariably need to delve into all sorts of historical records lodged with county and other archives.  Nationally, over 1,700 Church Records have been completed to date. 

As an example of a recently finished project, the seventeen members of the Royal Leamington Spa (RLS) DFAS group presented the completed Record of St Leonard's Church, Charlecote, to Rev'd David Jessett on Sunday 12 February 2017 at a more than usually full church.  One of the recording team, Kerrith Carr, also presented a NADFAS kneeler which she had embroidered.  The RLSDFAS Church Recorders started work in Autumn 2015 and enjoyed working in this lovely building.  Probably the outstanding features were the Fairfax Lucy memorials in the Lucy chapel. The other item of interest was a 1633 Bible, hidden away in a drawer, which is currently being lightly conserved and put into a custom-made dropback box, all funded by RLSDFAS.  At the presentation Chris Pickford, the reviser of Pevsner’s Warwickshire, was in the congregation. He had been a useful source of information allowing the recorders to access his working notes.  The Recorders were made most welcome at the service and refreshments were served afterwards whilst everyone had a chance to look at the Record.

Image (L-R) Sir Edmund Fairfax-Lucy, Kerrith Carr, Angela Watkins, Revd David Jessett and Sue Lampitt
Picture of St Leonard's Church © by Colin Craig and reproduced by Creative Common Licence