development day deliberations at Edgbaston

Some fifty Arts Society delegates comprising chairmen, WM Area committee and society members from all but three of the region’s societies attended the second of a series of special development days organised by our WM Area Training and Development Officer, Jen Collins.

Assembling at the Edgbaston Golf Club on 4 February, we brainstormed throughout the day the all-important topics of lecture programmes and visits in a tightly structured schedule of round-table discussion interspersed with lectures given by excellent visiting speakers.  Yes, there was also time for lunch and a couple of short comfort breaks.

After discussions on how best to plan a year’s lecture programme, where many good ideas were exchanged and chewed over by programme secretaries, our first lecturer, Dr Sally Hoban, gave us a detailed insight of the TAS accreditation process for selecting lecturers and a host of useful tips on choosing and contacting a speaker, and, looking after them on the day.  Much note-taking was evident during the lecture, which was followed by a useful Q&A session.

The focus after lunch was on selecting, organising and managing (mainly) overseas visits where we had the benefit of expert advice from two staff from Travel Editions, Nadine Mascoll and Tracey Konidaris, with whom former TAS Shrewsbury chairman, Yvonne Bridgeland, also speaking that afternoon, had organised six very successful overseas trip for her society.  It was helpful to learn that Travel Editions can organise bespoke, special-interest visits for societies in addition to their comprehensive list of worldwide, off-the-peg tours.

By 3 pm we had imbibed a wealth of useful information and a welcome cup of tea was the ideal catalyst for getting delegates to fill in those (inevitable) feedback forms; ticks VG all round!  Thank you, Jen.

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Useful discussions ....

L-R: Jen Collins (DD organiser) Dr Sally Hoban, Tracey Konidaris and Nadine Mascoll (Travel Editions), and Yvonne Bridgeland