Organising an overseas visit? Ask Yvonne at Shrewsbury

Following a series of highly successful overseas visits organised by Yvonne Bridgeland, currently Chairman of the Arts Society Shrewsbury, a four-page article has appeared in the August edition of Group Travel Organiser.  Thanks to the encouragement and cooperation of the editorial team, particularly Val Baynton and Fiona Horan, Yvonne's account of art-based group trips abroad for Shrewsbury members over six years to Italy (four venues), Holland and Russia is graphically covered in the magazine.  "We are delighted with the extensive coverage given in the August edition of Group Travel Organiser to Yvonne, who over the past six years has worked tirelessly and enthusiastically to arrange hugely informative and enjoyable overseas visits for the Shrewsbury membership" said Carolyn Trevor-Jones, West Midlands Area Chairman.  Click here to read the article.