West Midlands (WM) Area societies are engaging with the UK’s best-known prison arts charity to bolster their efforts to change prisoners’ lives by participating in the arts.

Thanks to the generous donations made by individual societies in the WM Area, Koestler Arts are hoping to launch a pilot project in late spring organised in HMP Birmingham and three other institutions in the region.

Following their Outreach Coordinator’s visit to HMP Birmingham in late February to meet  prisoners and key staff to discuss the project, Koestler Arts are now confident that prison régimes will be able to facilitate visits from April as Covid restrictions ease, and as more staff become available to support prisoners in their out-of-cell activities. They will also work closely with each setting to decide what works and will be open to ideas from both prisoners and staff to ensure that prisoners’ needs are met and that what is being offered is of lasting benefit.

“We are thrilled to be able to participate in this exciting project” said WM Area Arts Volunteering Coordinator, Edwina McConville, “and our sincere thanks go to those societies for their generous financial support.”  

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