Upcoming events

Shrewsbury to celebrate Golden Jubilee

The Arts Society Shrewsbury will celebrate this year's National Golden Jubilee with a special event at the Blackburn Theatre, Prestfelde School, on Saturday19 May when Mrs Jane Choy-Thurlow from the Maurishuis in the Hague will present a lecture entitled Rembrandt: Bohemian or Businessman, Ro... Read more

Area DOSI - Two Wrekin Gems

This year's Summer Special Interest Day ‘Two Wrekin Gems’, organised by TAS Wrekin, takes a different format and gives our members an opportunity to appreciate two of our area's treasures on Thursday 19 July 2018.  Pre lunch, Arts Society-accredited lecturer Tobias Capwell will talk in Tong churc... Read more

WM Area Committee Autumn Meeting - 2018

The WM Area Committee Autumn meeting will be held on Wednesday 5 September 2018 at the Edgbaston Golf Club.  Please note the change of both date and venue.

Golden Jubilee Event for WM Area

The West Midlands Area special event to celebrate the Arts Society Golden Jubilee will be held at Wedgwood on Saturday 22 September, the designated Arts Society “True Gold Weekend”. In the morning we shall be hosting the finals of a Young Arts competition.   In the afternoon, we are inviting all... Read more

WM Area Autumn meeting 2018

The WM Area Autumn Meeting in 2018 for societies (chairmen + 1) will be held on Tuesday 9 October at the Edgbaston Golf Club.  Please note the change of both date and venue!

WM Area Chairmen's 'Spring' meeting 2019

The WM Area Chairmen's 'Spring' meeting will take place on Tuesday 19 February 2019 at the Edgbaston Golf Club at 10:30.